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We work not only with large enterprises, but also with representatives of small business.

We Work out various logistic schemes and selecting individual and effective delivery options, as well as paying suppliers.

Delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world from your supplier to the airport

  • Cargo pick up: We will pick up your cargo from the warehouse of the shipper or supplier
  • Logistics: We optimize the methods and routes of delivery to the airport.
  • Inventarization: We will check the goods by position.
  • Prepacking: Repackaging of cargo, if necessary.

We assure the handling of goods as soon as possible.

  • Equipment for industrial enterprises;
  • Electric heating equipment (heating modules: convection heaters for heating rooms, equipment for air conditioning);
  • building materials, construction tools, finishing and varnish-and-paint materials;
  • electrical equipment; electronic components;
  • auto parts and auto equipment (already have);
  • raw materials and blanks;
  • medical and laboratory equipment, accessories and reagents, as well as other equipment;
  • office equipment, computer components and related products, as well as other computer, office and related equipment;
  • Furniture of various types and purposes; materials used in the manufacture of furniture and furniture accessories, additional parts for furniture assembly, packaging material for furniture production;
  • metal constructions;
  • household chemicals;
  • textiles (fabrics, clothes, carpets, floor coverings, non-woven materials).
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